Dornod Province


Travelling to Dornod

Rivers, Lakes, Mineral Hot Springs, Important Religious Site, World War II Memorial

Dornod province means “East” in Mongolian, invites you to follow its steppe highway and enjoy the beaten trails to see the beauty and wilderness adventure of own. Dornod province settled in the eastern part of the Khentii mountain range, smooths out into the grassland steppe.

The province is renowned for its rivers, lakes, mineral hot springs, wild animals, birds and natural reserves. Ugtam uul Nature Reserve, a heaven of pine, birch, natural herbs and Mongol Daguur Strictly Protected Area, a home of 15 rare cranes, gulls, ducks are the most beautiful natural settings of the area.

Local landmark Buir lake is the largest freshwater lake in the eastern Mongolia occupying 615sqkm areas, that was a traditional gathering place for Mongol tribes over the centuries. The lake is surrounded by bush and rich in fish such as taimen, carp, lenok, pike and endemic grey fish.

Dornod is an ideal place for historical sightseeing with Kherlen Bars city of Khidan empire, Wall of Chinggis Khaan, Ikh Burkhant complex, man stones from Turkic period, Battlefields of Khalkhiin gol river; Statues of Khalkhiin gol war, commanding point of Jukov, the Commander of the Red Army, tombs of Soviet troops and many more.

The country’s most important Buddhist site 26.5m statue Ikh Burkhant, a large reclining Buddha Janraiseg was built by noble man Tovan in 1864. It is originally carved into the hillside by white stones. The banks of Khalkhiin gol river attracts war historians because of the battle against Japan in 1939. Many war memorials dedicated to honor the Russian and Mongolian soldiers who died in this area.

Traveling through the former battlefield is quite moving experience, as it has also been for returning Soviet and Japanese soldiers. Mongolia’s least populated region with only the storming gazelles on the grassland is the last frontier of the world of adventure.

Best places to visit in Dornod Province

  • Buir lake
  • Ruins of Kherlen Bars
  • Wall of Chinggis
  • Man-stone in Khailan Rock
  • Burial mounds
  • Ikh Burkhant reclining Buddha
  • Khamar Davaa Victory monument
  • Khalkh gol river
  • Ugtam uul & Lkhachinvandad Nature Reserve