Wall of Chinggis in Dornod


There are several locations called Chinggisiin Kherem or Wall of Chinggis in Mongolia and one of them is located in the eastern part of the country. This dirt wall is 500-600km long and it stretches across Khentii and Dornod province. Along this wall, there are remains of fortresses that border troops stationed in, 8-12km apart from each other. The wall starts in Bayan-Adarga soum of Khentii province and continues through Norovlin soum of Khentii province, Bayandun soum, Tsagaan-Ovoo soum, Sergelen soum, Gurvanzagal soum of Dornod province. As for the fortresses, they are usually 40m x 50m big and there is no evidence of residence to be found except a few broken pieces of vase. Some of the fortresses are called “Durvuljin Buudal”, “Ulzyn Undur Dovyn Engeriin Kherem”, “Mogoin Adgiin Kherem”, “Uguumuriin Kherem” and “Bayan Bulgiin Kherem”. Walls and fortresses like these can also be found in the southern part of Mongolia. For example, in Nomgon soum, Khurmen soum, Bayandalai soum and Noyon soum of Umnugovi, there is a place called Chinggisiin Dalan, similar to Wall of Chinggis.

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