Gobisumber Province


Travelling to Gobisumber

Trans Siberian Rail Route And Perfect For Driving

Despite being one of the smallest and lesser-known province in Mongolia, Gobisumber certainly has things to offer. The province is located south eastern part of the country between Tuv, Khentii, Dundgobi and Dornogobi provinces. Choir is the provincial town, an important railway junction of Trans Siberian railway, which connects Asia to Europe located 240km from capital Ulaanbaatar.

It is a pretty relaxed town with something left from the Soviet era. Around 15 km north of Choir is the village of Lun Bag, the site of the largest Soviet air ground in Mongolia until Russians departed in 1992. The Russians left behind something else: the best paved runway in Mongolia.

About 80 percent of province’s land area is fertile for livestock husbandry. This province is rich in natural resources include brown coking coal, oil, tin and clay for brick makings. When you drive to the Southern Mongolia, it is the place to refill your tank and refresh yourself by local cuisine. The biggest appeal of the province is after driving around the central Mongolia is its basic but comfortable motels as a warm retreat to your trip.

Best places to visit in Gobisumber Province

  • Choir town
  • Choiriin Bogd Mountain
  • Ruins of Janjin Choir Monastery
  • Tsoorhoi spring