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LIQUI MOLY Extreme - Gobi desert 1 week

Guided 4x4 self drive tour to the Gobi desert in Mongolia


Tour Highlights

  • Guided self drive tour
  • New 4x4 Jeeps
  • Worldclass diverse terrain
  • Guide and cook on tour
  • All accommodation and meals included
  • Fuel included
  • 100% remote

Explore the Gobi desert on a once in a lifetime 4x4 adventure

One week with 6 intense driving days from Ulaanbaatar to the Gobi and back that you will never forget!

Covering 2.000km asphalt and dirt roads and tracks in this fully supported off-road tour.

The Gobi desert is an extremely diverse and interesting landscape. You will pass by interesting rock formations home of eagles, voltures and falcans, camp among rainbow coloured rocks, cross narrow valleys covered with ice in the summer and ride camels up high sand dunes.On the tour you will also meet local nomadic families, who still live the simple life and move around the steppes and desert in their gers with their livestock.

LIQUI MOLY EXTREME tour levels from 1-5 describe the difficulty level of a tour and takes multiple factors into consideration: Required skill level for toughest offload parts (2 on this tour), endurance (4 on this tour), potential extreme temperatures and weather changes (3 on this tour), navigation skills (2 on this tour) and the overall physical fitness level.

You can drive on this tour without offload experience as the tour guide will give you instructions but some offload experience is helpful.

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What's Included

  • Airport transfer in Ulaanbaatar for arrival and departure flight from SIXT
  • 5 Star Hotel accommodation for first and last night of the tour in Ulaanbaatar
  • 4x4 Rental Car UAZ Patriot or Toyota Landcruiser 76/79 from SIXT with Fuel
  • Crew with english speaking guide and private chef
  • Support vehicle
  • LIQUI MOLY product kit
  • Hotel, ger camp and wild camping  accommodation during the tour
  • All meals, snacks and beverages (non-alcoholic and beer)
Not included: 
  • Deposit for the rental car of 4,000,000MNT during the trip
  • Flight to Mongolia
  • VISA Fees
  • Travel, travel cancellation and health insurance

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, city tour, LIQUI MOLY workshop preparation visit and car introduction 

Liqui Moly Extreme Mongolia 4x4 road trip travel rental car preparation and maintenance in Ulaanbaatar

Day 2 - Drive to Ikh Gazriin rock formations and White Stupa Cliffs

Liqui Moly Extreme Mongolia 4x4 roadtrip travel journey to rock formations

Liqui Moly Extreme Mongolia 4x4 roadtrip travel journey to white stupa tsaagan suvarga in Gobi desert

Liqui Moly Extreme Mongolia 4x4 roadtrip travel journey to white stupa tsaagan suvarga camping under stars

Day 3 - Travel to Volture Ice Valley and Dungene Canyon

Liqui Moly Extreme Mongolia 4x4 roadtrip travel journey to volture ice valley Yolin Am Dungene Am

Liqui Moly Extreme Mongolia 4x4 roadtrip jeep tour Gobi desert sunset

Day 4 - Drive over to Mongolia's largest sand dune and riding camels at sunset

Liqui Moly Extreme Mongolia 4x4 roadtrip travel journey to highest sand dune in Gobi desert

Liqui Moly Extreme Mongolia 4x4 roadtrip travel journey to camel riding on sand dunes

Day 5 - Drive to Flaming Cliffs Bayanzag

Liqui Moly Extreme Mongolia 4x4 roadtrip travel journey to Flaming Cliffs Bayanzac Gobi desert

Liqui Moly Extreme Mongolia 4x4 jeep roadtrip travel journey camping at Flaming Cliffs Bayanzac

Day 6 - Touring along Ongi Monastery to the mini Gobi Elsen Taserkhai

Elsen Taserkhai Mini Gobi Sand dunes in Mongolia

Day 7 - Driving to the wild horses before returning to Ulaanbaatar

Khustain National Park Wild horses running in mongolia

Day 8 - Departure

Gandan Monastry

2020 Tour Price

May, June, September, October Tours

Earlybird 2.749EUR per person / Regular 3.000EUR per person

Third and Fourth person 1.200EUR per person

Single Supplement 1.000 EUR

July and August Tours

Earlybird 2.999.50EUR per person / Regular 3.250EUR per person

Third and Fourth person 1.200EUR per person

Single Supplement 1.000 EUR

Available Extras and Upgrades

  • Toyota Landcruiser 76/79 instead of UAZ Patriot 900EUR per vehicle
  • Automatic Patriot instead of manual 900EUR per vehicle
  • Exclusive individual tour without other participants - upon request
  • Trip extension - upon request


What do I need to bring?

Sunglasses, sun protection lotion, clothing for warm and cold temperatures as it can cool down in the evenings, sleeping bag for the camping nights.

All drivers need to bring their valid driving license.

How many participants will join the group?

The regular group tour is limited to 5 participating cars.

Can I book such a tour exclusively with my friends?

Yes you can. In fact you can let us know your preferred dates even outside the tour calendar and we will let you know if we can arrange this individual tour for you. Extra costs might occur depending on group size, season and advance booking time.

What is the best time to travel to Mongolia on this tour?

Spring is ideal for the Gobi desert. This region warms up earlier than the rest of the country and has comfortable temperatures in spring and autumn.

Spring is particularly nice as you can see a lot of new born horses, camels, sheep and goats.

During the summer months it tends to be very warm during the day.

Do I need a visa?

United States of America, Canada, Russian, German citizens do not need a visa to Mongolia. Other European countries do need a visa, which is available at the Mongolian Embassy. Some nationalities like United Kingdom can get a visa on arrival.

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€2999 pp. Earlybird
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Additional important information

All participants need to carry a valid passport with Mongolian visa.

Drivers need an in Mongolia accepted and valid driving license as well as a credit card for the deposit for the rental car (4,000,000MNT), which will be refunded two weeks after the tour.

Trip Cancellation and refund policy

There is no refund for cancellations. We highly advise you to purchase a travel cancellation as well as general travel health insurance from your trusted insurance provider. Participants are responsible for their own health during the trip and any costs related to health and injury treatments. Participants need to sign a liability waiver on the day of arrival. We highly recommend all participants to purchase a travel health insurance from their trusted insurance provider before the trip.

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