Ballooning in Terelj National Park

Take to the skies of Mongolia in our exclusive balloons and experience a magic sunrise over the Terelj National Park.


Tour Highlights

  • Hotel Transfers
  • Small breakfast
  • 45-60min balloon flight
  • Spectacular sunrise scenery
  • Celebration after the flight with sparkling wine
  • Hand-signed flight certificates by your pilot

What better way is there to escape from the city and enjoy the stunning scenery of Terelj National Park than from a hot air balloon?

Come and join us on this new activity safely operated under UK regulations flying with experienced commercial pilots in our bespoke 2-3 passenger balloon!

Your morning will start early as you arrive to one of our designated launch sites in the National Park. Enjoy some warming coffee or tea before your pilot will give you a safety briefing. You will then be able to get some hands on experience in helping with the setting up of the balloon before taking to the skies.

As you gently lift off the ground you will see this beautiful landscape unfold below you: bizarre rock formations, cliffs, streams of water and green pasture land where yaks and horses graze or local farmers herd their cattle. Climbing high, you can enjoy the 360 panoramic view of the entire region. Your pilot will skilfully manoeuvre the balloon before eventually drifting back to earth where our dedicated crew will greet you.

We celebrate our flight in true aeronautical fashion with sparkling wine and you will receive a personally-signed flight certificate from your pilot before our team takes you back to your hotel.

Watch video of the pilots and documentary of ballooning in Mongolia.

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What's Included

SERVICE included in the price of one ticket:

  • Pick up from your hotel in Terelj National Park and transfer to the designated launch site.
  • Coffee, tea and light snacks on the launch site.
  • Safety briefing by the pilot.
  • The flight will take between 45mins to over an hour depending on the winds and direction.
  • Celebration after the flight with sparkling wine.
  • Hand-signed flight certificates by your pilot.
  • Transport back to your hotel/lodge in Terelj.

TOTAL TIME:  approx. 4-5 hours.

COSTS: US$ 350 per person (can be paid by credit card or in cash)

NOTE for people with fear of heights: don’t worry if you think you are afraid of heights! A balloon rises very gently and you will feel protected inside the basket. As you go with the balloon and with the winds you won’t have the same feeling as looking down a cliff face or sitting in an aeroplane going through turbulence.


TIME: from the 10th of June onwards till the end of September 2018. Once daily in the mornings only.

PICK UP TIME AND DURATION: please check the correct pick up time for your flight on the evening before your booking and contact our office in UB. The time will depend on sunrise times and the location of your hotel. We will take off just after sunrise.

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US$ 350
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Balloon type, size and make: British made Cameron C-100 suitable for 2-3 passengers plus pilot

Pilot: Allie or Phil Dunnington, both UK commercial pilots, examiners, instructors (or other UK CPL rated pilots). Our team can communicate with you in German, English, French, Chinese and Japanese.

Operation: operating under UK AOC BL 234. The balloon undergoes an annual inspection by an UK approved inspector and is fully airworthy. Fully approved by the UK CAA for commercial operations in Mongolia with consent of the Mongolian MCAA.

Insurance: Bennetts. CSL policy up to 2.4 million SDRs (standard drawing rights) which is the European standard for commercial ballooning.

General safety of ballooning: ballooning is one of the safest forms of aviation and it is also suitable for people with fear of heights.

NOTE: please be informed that we cannot allow you to fly with us if you have any injuries, undergone recent surgery, or if you are pregnant.

Children: children under the age of 8 are not allowed to fly and any children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult and they must be of a minimum height of 137cm.

Please refer to our terms and conditions if you any questions or contact us at

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