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White Caves - Bichigt Rock


Mongolian steppes, more specifically Bayankhongor province is considered to be one of the locations the first humans inhabited. And accordingly, White Caves is the place where scientists found evidence of that claim. White Caves, Uran Khairkhan Mountain is located in Ulziit soum, Bayankhongor province and some of the evidences even date back to 500,000 – 750,000 years ago. The first discovery was in late 1980’s and the researchers collected 2729 stone tools from the area. And the second expedition was in 1996, when they found findings that might be from 750,000 years ago.

As for Bichigt Rock, it contains petroglyphs that date back to over 3000 years ago and the most interesting one depicts a man plowing land with an ox which is believed to be from 3000B.C. Bichigt Rock is located in Bayangiin Nuruu mountain range, Bayanlig soum. The painting on the rock is considered to be one of the biggest in all of Asia.

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