Nemegt Canyon in Umnugobi


Nemegt Canyon or Nemegt Basin is located in Umnugovi province and stretches across the Gobi Desert. But more specifically, the main part of the basin, Nemegt Mountain is situated 60km to the north of Gurvantes soum. The mountain has scenery very similar to Bayanzag or Flaming Cliffs as it is covered in clay with red tint.

But the main reason why this area is globally known is not the landscape but what the land holds underneath. Countless fossils have been found from Nemegt Canyon including dinosaur skeletons, dinosaur eggs and trace fossils. Scientists from all across the globe came here and found fossils of a lot of different dinosaur species, namely Nemegtosaurus, Oviraptor, Protoseratops and Tyrannosaurus Bataar.

The icon of Gobi Desert, saxaul tree does not grow in the area. Instead, you will be greeted by mist but not made of humidity, rather formed by dirt. And this very phenomenon will make you feel you are in the depths of the desert.

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