Weekend Road Trip to Terelj Park

Your prefect escape


Terelj National Park is 66 km from Ulaanbaatar city. If you are looking into a short trip away from Ulaanbaatar city life and experience a glimpse of Mongolian countryside this is the perfect escape.

The landscape of Terelj is very unique with high mountains and rocky cliffs making you imagination run wild with different figurines on top of the cliffs.

Terelj National Park is well developed with different camps suited for everyone’s interest whether you want to experience staying in Mongolian Yurt (ger) or would like to be in a 5 star boutique hotel. You can explore the mountains by hiking or horse-riding the view is mesmerizing.

Places to visit

Aryabal Temple

One of the most beautiful spots in Terelj apart from its Nature is Arayabal Temple located behind the Turtle Rock (Melkhiin Khad) established in 2008. Arayabal is a Buddhist God who listens to all the prayers of humankind and releases humankind from suffering.

The number 108 is an auspicious number in Buddhism. Therefore the stairs leading to the temple consist of 108 steps also surrounded by 108 Stupas.


Melkhii Khad /Turtle Rock

The legend states that the King Galdanboshigt hid all his treasures during the war with Manchu Troops in 1600. Since than its worshipped by the locals as the treasure rock bringing wealth to those who visit.

Activities: Hike inside the rock, horse riding in the area or just relax in the beautiful nature.


Tsonjin Boldog Complex

Genghis Khan was the founder of the Great Mongol Empire which is known in world history to be the largest empire in the world.

World’s biggest Genghis Khan statue was established in 2008 approximately 55 kilometres from Ulaanbaatar city.

At this complex you can go up to the observation deck and view the steppes, go to the Mongol Empire history museum or simply get fascinated by one of the world biggest Traditional Boot with height of 9 meters.


13th Century Complex

This complex is located 45 km from Genghis Khan’s Statue where you can feel like a true Nomad in 13th century. Here you have no access to phones, television or electricity allowing you to feel the nature and human connection. You can learn archery, old Mongolian script/calligraphy, enjoy dinning in old-fashioned kings palace or simply sit back and enjoy the nature. The complex has 6 different tribes where you can visit each one and observe, interact and learn.


Places to stay


Kempinski Hotel Khan Palace

Kempinski Hotel Khan Palace, Ulaanbaatar is the first international five-star property in Mongolia. Located just 2 Km away from the Chinggis Khan Square in Ulaanbaatar city center. The hotel has three restaurants, a Spa and a Fitness center

(w) Kempinski Hotel Khan Palace

Special rates are available for SIXT customers upon request.

Terelj National Park

Ayanchin Lodge

This Lodge is well known for its delicious food and for its comfortable rooms. You can choose to stay whether in Mongolian Ger or in a Wooden House. Apart from the gers all the other accommodations have proper bathrooms.

(w) Ayanchin Lodge

Terelj Hotel

It’s a 5 stay luxurious boutique Hotel located close to the Terelj River. You can enjoy the terrace with a view to the river. The hotel has many activities suited for the wishes of every guest. The spa is one of the highlights for tourist who wish to indulge in relaxation.


(w) Terelj Hotel

Red Rock Hotel

Newly established beautiful hotel with Scandinavian design. The rooms and the small huts are very comfortable.

(w) Red Rock Hotel


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