Uliastai & Tosontsengel Town in Zavkhan


Uliastai Town is the capital of Zavkhan province and it is located near Otgontenger Mountain 1115km away from Ulaanbaatar City. The area around Uliastai has been inhabited by humans for millenniums and you can actually see some of the evidences by visiting Zavkhan Aimag’s History Museum and Uliastai Castle Ruin. But the today’s Uliastai was established in 1733 by the Manchurian force as a garrison. During the Mongolian national revolution in 1911 the military governor of the fortress fled the town, effectively releasing Uliastai from Manchu rule. The main attraction of the town is Tugs Buyant Javkhlant Monastery on Javkhlant Tolgoi hilltop as it is the perfect spot to get a full panoramic view of the town and Chigestei River that flows through Uliastai. Tosontsengel Town is the second biggest soum of Zavkhan province after Uliastai Town. It is located on the northern shores of Ider River and the town is known for its harsh climate as the temperature can go down as cold as -53°C during winter, which makes Tosontsengel the coldest place in Mongolia. Tosontsengel Town has a population of around 9000 people and 95% of them are Khalkha and the other 5% are Oirat. There are several highways connecting the town to Uliastai, Murun, Tsetserleg, Ulaangom and also there is a small airport on the southern shores of Ider River.

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