Khar Us Lake Khovd


Khar Us Lake is a fresh water lake located in Khovd province. It is a state protected national park due to its increasing shrinkage and Khar Us Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Mongolia. Although the lake has a huge surface area, it is relatively shallow with an average depth of 2m. Khar Us Lake is a big part of Khovd River basin and the lake is mainly fed by Khovd River and Buyant Tsenkher River. Surrounded by prairie, steppe, gobi desert, and snowy mountains, this area oozes beauty. Flora includes 455 plants and fauna includes 54 types of mammal, 268 bird species, 4 fish species, 6 types of reptile and 131 types of insect. The lake hosts wild ducks, geese, wood grouse, partridges and other rare sea birds which is great for bird watching.

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