Ulaan Taiga in Khuvsgul Province


Ulaan Taiga is a mountain range located in Bayanzurkh soum and Ulaan-Uul soum of Khuvsgul province. Once covered in continental ice sheet over two million years ago, Ulaan Taiga now is a beautiful land formation under a lush forest blanket with an exciting eco-system. The scenery of this untouched area is truly a sight to behold. Trees such as larch and Siberian pine dominate the forest, which is a home to rare animals including argali sheep, Siberian ibex, brown bear, leopard, moose, reindeer, elk, mink, Altai snowcock, osprey and white-tailed eagle. Ulaan Taiga has a huge source of freshwater in forms of river and small lakes. And because of that the area has become a state protected nature reserve.

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