Chinggis Khaan Country Golf Club

play golf with mind blowing surroundings


Golf is one of the pass times that is sought by many especially during warm season. It is a pleasure to play golf on the steppes of Mongolia.

Indeed, golf has yet to find its niche here in Mongolia, although Chinggis Khaan Country Golf Club is one of the biggest golf clubs in Mongolia located 50 km away from the city at Terelj National Park with world standard 18 holes golf fields and desirable club for locals and foreigners too.

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It's a marvelous experience to play golf with mind blowing surroundings. This golf club was opened in 2007 and remains open from the months of April to November only. Remaining months playing golf is impossible as the ground freezes and the temperature falls to minus forty degrees celsius. The Chinggis Khan Golf Club is situated very near to the Tiara Resort whereas the UB Golf Range is around 20 kms away.

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