Tuvkhun Monastery in Uvurkhangai

elevated in 2600 meters above sea-level


Tuvkhun Monastery is one of Mongolia’s oldest Buddhist monasteries and located on a rocky mountain hill surrounded by forests elevated in 2600 meters above sea-level. If you visit to Kharkhorin, it is recommended to explore this beautiful area.

Zanabazar, who was the first leader of Buddhism, located the place. It was built in 1653, believers who gathered in Erdene Zuu monastery decided to built a special Monastery for Zanabazar. He lived, worked and meditated here for 30 years. Here he invented the Soyombo script in 1686 and madke his famous creations as well.  Likewise other monasteries in the country, it was almost totally destroyed by the Communists. Today, there are special formation of rocks which are called womb and cradle, symbolizing rebirth, besides 4 temples and 2 stupas.

The monastery located in the dense forested and picturesque mountain Shijvee. There are several temples, a small cave for meditation, another cave called Mother belly. If someone entered and get out from this cave, there is hope of having their faults washed away in the next rebirth.

Hiking to rocky hills and looking at the stunning beauty of wild nature in surrounding areas are the excellent fun, which makes you refreshed and enthusiastic.

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