Southern Altai Gobi Strictly Protected Area in Gobi Altai


The greater part of the Southern Altai Gobi Strictly Protected Area or “Gobi A” national park stretches across the Gobi-Altai province. Initiated in 1997, Great Gobi “A” Strictly Protected area covers about 4.4 million hectare.

This national park is far removed from the settlement and proven to be tough to get there, which can be a turn off for tourists but it is better for the threatened species. The Southern Altai Gobi Strictly Protected Area is famous for its Gobi bears or Mazaalai. There are about 50 Gobi bears (Ursus arctos gobiensis) occupying the vast national park. But they are not alone. The national park also protects the wild Bactrian camel and the Mongolian wild ass.

The landscape is mostly steppe with a couple of mountains’ height exceeding 1200m and few springs and oases sprinkled here and there. And the climate is extreme with its temperature swings. During winter the temperatures can fall down -40°C whereas during summer time it can rise up to +40°C and of course there is a stark contrast between day and night too.

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