Deluun Boldog – Birthplace of Genghis Khan in Khentii


Deluun Boldog is the birthplace of Genghis Khan located in Dadal soum of Khentii province. Historians and scientists still argue to this day about the exact location because even though the sources mention the name of Genghis Khan’s birthplace, there were no definitive locations named Deluun Boldog in modern times. So, as for now, the location near where Onon River and Balj River join is believed to be the birthplace of Genghis Khan. The legend says Yesugei baatar resided around the Gurvan Nuur or Three Lakes and his son Temujin or Genghis Khan was born on the shores of the middle lake of Gurvan Nuur with a clot of blood inside his clenched fists in 1162. Temujin was the firstborn son of Yesugei and Hoelun. Historians and scientists suggest Deluun means vast and spacious and Boldog or Boldag means mound and hill.

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