Khyargas Lake & Khetsuu Khad in Uvs


Khyargas Lake is a saltwater lake located in Zavkhan soum, Naranbulag soum, Tsagaankhairkhan soum, Malchin soum, Khyargas soum of Uvs province. The surface area of the lake is 1407 square km, the length is 75km, the average width is 19km and the average depth is 40-50m. There are several springs surrounding the lake as well as few spa resort that use mineral water and mud to treat different types of health problems. Also, there is a smaller lake called Airag right next to Khyargas Lake 5km to the south of Khyargas Lake. The excess water of Airag Lake feeds into Khyargas Lake via 200-300m wide canal. On the eastern shores of Khyargas Lake, there is a rock cliff called Khetsuu Khad sticking out of the water. This 5-7km long and 20m tall white cliff is a paradise for migratory birds. It is a safe place to nest and most importantly Khyargas Lake has an abundance of fish species such as Altai Leuciscinae, Lake Osman, Mongolian grayling and dace that serve as a great food source for the birds.

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