Moltsog Els Sand Dunes in Umnugobi


Located in Bulgan soum, Umnugovi province, Moltsog Els or Moltsog Sand Dunes is a nice substitute to Khongor Sand Dunes if that location is not included in your itinerary. You can find this spot to the northeast of Flaming Cliffs, 55km from Juulchin Gobi tourist camp.

It is a perfect spot for camelback riding and gives the exclusive Gobi Desert experience just as Khongor Sand Dunes, if not better. Although, Moltsog Sand Dunes is beautiful and a great location to ride a Bactrian camel through, there is not a lot of activities beside that. So you might want to check nearby attractions such as Bayanzag or Flaming Cliffs and Shiree Shavar.

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