Khuduu Aral in Khentii


Khuduu Aral is a 30km long and 20km wide flatland situated in Delgerkhaan soum of Khentii province, to the south of Kherlenbayan Mountain, to the west of Kherlentoono Mountain, in Kherlen Bay. The author or authors of The Secret History of Mongols finished writing the book in Khuduu Aral. Also, the Kurultai council took place here regularly and Ogedei Khan, Monkge Khan and Yesun Temur Khan were crowned at this location. A monument was erected in 1990 to honor the 750th anniversary of The Secret History of Mongols. The monument depicts Genghis Khan on the front, his cavalries and coat of arms on the left and back side. The ending lines of The Secret History of Mongols are carved on the right side of the monument. There is an important historical site called Palace of Aurag to the south of the monument.

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