Dog Sledding in Mongolia

Your Magical Winter Experience


If you love winter, and don't mind low temperatures (below 30-40 degree), then this is the time to visit Mongolia! The time when the steppes and the mountains are all flaked with light soft snow all over. Winter in Mongolia is cold but incredibly beautiful!

Winter in Mongolia 

Dog sleddig is one of the best ways to discover Mongolia in winter, to approach wild animals and live an incredible adventure in the heart of Mongolian winter. You will never forget the feeling of sliding on the ice through endless and peaceful landscapes, in a perfect silence under the eternal blue sky while driving your own team of eager huskies. Indeed, that's your chance to have a magical winter experience.

Dog Sledding  

The Husky: intelligent, good-natured - and born to run! Dog sledding is a real adventure - there is quite simply nothing like the sensation of being in control of your own dogsled, putting your trust in your dogs and earning their friendship in return. Don’t be shy to cheer them up or even pad them. They’ll give it to you back. These dogs absolutely live to pull. The pulling instinct is so strong that they need training nearly every day.

Husky dog 

There is a number of companies in Mongolia who offers dog sleeding trips organized either in the Terelj National Park, Khentii Mountains, or further North on the Khuvsgul lake, depending on the duration of your trip. Starting in November through March it's a great opportunity to take the dogs over a frozen river.


A dog ride is a must for all visitors to the “Land of Blue Sky,” and is sure to be one of the highlights of your vacation. Every tour is led and managed by experienced local tour guides. However, no experience is needed. Persons ages 5-75 have enjoyed these trips. Dog sledding trips is also an opportunity to meet with the nomads and relax in a warm ger around traditional meal table. The sky is full of stars on crisp winter evenings.

Visit Mongolia and let those beautiful & affectionate Siberian Husky sled dogs steal your heart and make outdoor adventure, romantic escape or family vacation memories to last a lifetime!

 *Please contact us if you need any assistance in organizing your dog sledge experience. 

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