Burkhan Khaldun Mountain in Khentii


Burkhan Khaldun Mountain is a sacred mountain and a strictly protected area located in Khentii province. It is a state worshipped mountain and the tallest of the Khentii Mountain Range with a height of 2445m. Historically, the whole Khan Khentii Mountains used to be called Burkhan Khaldun and there were a total of 13 mountains called Burkhan Khaldun in the Khentii Mountain Range. What we call Burkhan Khaldun today is determined by historical ties, specifically the ones about Genghis Khan. According to The Secret History of the Mongols, Genghis Khan lived on a mountain called Munkhjargalan for years and scientists and historians suggested that should be the Burkhan Khaldun Mountain out of all the other Burkhan Khalduns, thus separated the Burkhan Khaldun today from the other Khan Khentii mountains. This sacred mountain has been worshipped for centuries, even before Genghis Khan and Burkhan Khaldun and its surrounding area of 12,000 square km has become a strictly protected area in 1992.

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