Burkhan Buudai Mountain in Gobi Altai


Burkhan Buudai Mountain is a beautifully formed mountain range located in Biger, Tsogt and Khaliun soums of Gobi-Altai province. The mountain has become a state protected reserve in 1996 after the parliament passed the rule. Burkhan Buudai Mountain is a part of the Mongolian Altai Mountain Range and the peak of Burkhan Buudai Mountain is 3765 tall.

Several rivers including Urd River, Dund River, Khoid River and Ust Chatsran River take source from Burkhan Buudai. The mountain is inhabited by ibex, snow leopard, wild-sheep, snow-cock, bearded vulture and such. Also, a lot of medicinal plants grow here such as Vansemberuu, roseroot, bourtree, light blue manchin and so on. Plus the flora includes fruits and berries namely barberries and sea buckthorn.

The Burkhan Buudai Mountain exhibits different types of rocky formations that look like almost as if they were sculpted by humans. Some of the more renowned formations are called Thousand Tombs of Khyar Lake and Uert White Gate. Also, there is a wheat shaped red rock on Nam Bogd peak which explains the name Burkhan Buudai, Buudai meaning wheat and it has been worshipped by the locals for generations.

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