Uvurkhangai Province


Travelling to Uvurkhangai

Heartland Of Mongolian History

When it comes to travel to Mongolia, there is simply no place like Uvurkhangai (Övörkhangai) province. It is a heartland of Mongolian history packed with many historic and cultural sights, and one of the most popular tourist destinations all around the year. Because of its central location, the most of the travelers and tourists go through Uvurkhangai province to the western and northern parts of the country.

The majestic Khangai mountain stretches from the north to the south through the vast open steppe landscape. Only two percent of the area is covered by beautiful larch, pine and birch forests. There are stunning oases with lush green meadows for watering herds of animals everywhere.

As you approach the border of Uvurkhangai province, you will be greeted by the sand dunes of Mongol Els. If you do not have the time to visit Southern Mongolia, this is the place to see two humped Bacterian camels and camel breeder’s lifestyle. Kharkhorin, a capital city of Great Mongolian Empire in the 13th century is the first in the must-see lists for the travelers. Erdenezuu, an earliest surviving monastery in Mongolia, was founded on the ruins of Kharkhorin in 1586. It is beautifully surrounded by 108 white stupas and accommodated 10 000 monks and 62 temples in its height.

The amazing landmarks of the region are; 24m high Orkhon waterfall on the Orkhon river. Eight lakes, Uurtiin tokhoi canyon, and Khujirt resort magnet many visitors to the area. The breathtaking Tuvkhun monastery was created by Zanabazar, a political and religious leader of Mongolian Buddhism and a direct descendent of Chinggis Khaan’s Golden Family for his art work and meditation in 1653. Uvurkhangai province is defined by its natural landscape, historic value, cultural treats and unspoilt Khangai mountains are brought to life by its nomadic herdsmen. This place is ideal for experiencing historic and cultural spirits of the nation.

Best places to visit in Uvurkhangai Province

  • Kharkhorin
  • Erdenezuu monastery
  • Tuvkhun monastery
  • Orkhon waterfall
  • Naiman nuur
  • Shankh monastery
  • Mongol els -Elsen tasarkhai
  • Khujirt resort