Follow The Tracks Camel Route Tour

Travel across the Gobi desert and the steppes of Central Mongolia


Tour Highlights

  • 4x4 Rental Car with ikamper rooftop tent
  • Camping and cooking gear
  • Tablet with Max's photography course
  • Navigation assistance
  • Prearranged photography challenges
  • Airport transfers
  • Hotel, camp, ger and camping arrangements
  • SIM card with data

Max Muench's self-selfdrive experience across the Gobi desert and Central Mongolia

Pictures of distant countries, exotic animals and unusual places:  online and social platforms such as Instagram stimulate the imagination - and incite a sense of wanderlust, but often these places seem inaccessible and the photos far exceed one's own abilities. Luckily, these extraordinary  photos are becoming more attainable for hobby photographers with the help of a new online masterclass and self-drive experience called “Follow the tracks”, created by well-known photographer Max Muench. In cooperation with the individual Mongolian tour operator Escape to Mongolia, a  journey was created in which the smartphone becomes a travel companion, guide and mentor, while at the same time navigating through deserted landscapes  and providing a wealth of background information. Travellers can discover the most beautiful regions of Mongolia by jeep and camp on their own while at the same time, follow in the footsteps of the photographer. This self-drive experience can be booked now at and costs from  2.050 Euro per person.

Additional information about the project can be found on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and on the following website as well as under the hashtag #followthetracksmongolia.

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What's Included

  • Each participant gets access to Max Muench's photography Masterclass
  • Airport transfer from SIXT on arrival and departure
  • Chauffeur Service on first day in Ulaanbaatar for up to 8 hours from SIXT
  • 3 Star Hotel accommodation in Ulaanbaatar for first and last night of the tour
  • 2 nights accommodation in ger camp with showers
  • 2 nights in hotels along the route
  • 12 days 4x4 UAZ Patriot 4x4 rental car including Loss Damage Waiver (excess 12,000,000MNT)
  • Camping equipment with rooftop tent from iKamper and cooking gear from Petromax
  • SIM Card with data package
  • Tablet with navigation assistance and photography video lectures for the route
  • Pre organized shooting possibilities
  • Camel riding at Mongolia's highest sand dunes

Not included: 

  • Flights to Mongolia
  • Mongolian Visa fees
  • Sleeping bags and matts
  • Fuel
  • Meals except during hotel stays with breakfast
  • Travel, health and travel cancellation insurance


All you need to know about the trip


After landing you'll be picked up by one of our Followthetracks/SIXT staff members - simply look out for the sign in the arrival hall. You'll be brought to a 3* hotel in Ulaanbaatar and handed out a local SIM card with a call and internet package. Your driver will be available for the following 8 hours to help you to get your groceries and to show you around the city. In the evening you will pick up your vehicle from SIXT. Please make sure to bring your ID/passport as well as a credit card for the deposit and choose additional insurances at the place; basic insurance is already included. The car will be equipped with a rooftop tent/tent, a cooking set from Petromax, a package of firewood, information about hotels/ger camps along the way. Most importantly, you'll also find a tablet with access to the Followthetracks Masterclass, a GPS guided map to always know where to go, safety videos and how-to videos about the car, short intros about every place you'll visit, as well as podcasts and music suggestions for the way.

Ulaanbaatar Choijin Temple and Skyline


We recommend starting before 7am from your hotel to kick off your Gobi adventure without getting stuck in traffic. You will drive a paved road to southern Mongolia before leaving the beaten paths and going off-road for the following days. Your tablet will guide you to some incredible places like White Stupa, Yolyn Am Canyon and Flaming Cliffs. At Khongoryn Els you have the chance to ride camels and photograph them during sunset in the desert. During this part of your Self-Drive Experience you will sleep in your tent (3 nights - ger camp available on 2 out of 3 spots at your own expense) and in local ger camps with hot showers* (2 nights). *subject to change Day

Followthetracks Mongolia photography travel tour across the Gobi desert and Central Mongolia


After a few nights out in the wild, you’ll sleep in a 3* hotel in Bayankhongor before heading to the green and forested centre of the country. Visit Mongolia’s highest waterfalls in Orkhon Valley and the famous Monastery in Kharkhorin to embrace the rich, cultural facette of this magical place. On the way back to Ulan Bator you will stop at Elsen Tasarkhai, a sand dune surrounded by mountains and a lake where you can wake up being surrounded by grazing horses. In the last night you can explore the Hustein National Park and try to find some wild Przewalski Horses, a re-introduced species that had previously become extinct in the wild. During this part of your Self-Drive Experience you will sleep in your tent (3 nights - ger camp available on every camp spot at your own expense) and in hotels (2 nights).

Central Mongolia Selfdrive Tour Orkhon waterfall

Mongolia rental car for self drive Toyota Landcruiser 76 with ikamper rooftop tent


Spend your last night in a 3* hotel in the vibrant capital and follow Max’s suggestions for a tasty goodbye dinner. A driver will pick you up at the hotel and bring you to the airport.

Ulaanbaatar Tour Gangdam Monastery talles indoor Buddah Statue in the World

Tour price for 2020

(valid until December 2019 and subject to change)

1 Person - €3.000,00  / 2 Personen - €4.500,00 / 3 Personen - €6.450,00 / 4 Personen - €8.200,00

Available extras and upgrades

  • English speaking driver from SIXT for Camel Route - €750
  • Additional insurance package for rental car with reduced excess to 1,500,000MNT, Gravel Protection, Sand and Ash Protection, Tire and Windscreen Protection, Roadside Assistance - €600
  • Rental car upgrade to Toyota Landcruiser 76/79 for Kamel Route - €1.200
  • Rental car upgrade to UAZ Patriot 4x4 with automatic transmission - Price on request
  • Ger camps and hotel accommodation instead of camping - Price on request
  • 5 star hotel in Ulaanbaatar for first and last night - Price on request
  • Tour guide for the day of arrival or the entire tour - Price on request
  • Trip extension and additional excursions - Price on request

2020 Available tour dates

(Each date can be booked by only one group. Please send us your preferred date and we will inform you about availability)

April 2020

27.04.- 09.05.2020

May 2020

04.05.-16.05.2020, 11.05.-23.05.2020, 18.05.-30.05.2020,  25.05.-06.2020

June 2020

01.06.-13.06. / 08.06.-20.06. / 15.06.-27.06. / 22.06.-04.07.

July 2020

06.07.-18.07. / 13.07.-25.07., 20.07.-01.08. / 27.07.-08.08.

August 2020

03.08.-15.08. / 10.08.-22.08. / 17.08.-29.08. / 24.08.-05.09. / 31.08.-12.09.

September 2020

07.09.-19.09. / 14.09.-26.09. / 21.09.-03.10. / 28.09.-10.10.

October 2020

05.10.- 17.10. / 12.10.-24.10. / 19.10.-31.10.

price from
€2050 p.p.
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All participants need to carry a valid passport with Mongolian visa.

Drivers need an in Mongolia accepted and valid driving license as well as a credit card for the deposit for the rental car (4,000,000MNT), which will be refunded two weeks after the tour.

Trip Cancellation and refund policy

There is no refund for cancellations. We highly advise you to purchase a travel cancellation as well as general travel health insurance from your trusted insurance provider.

Copyright of all pictures on this page belongs to Followthetracks / Max Muench.

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