Mongolia Shamanism


Mongolian Shamanism is an ancient ethnic practice and tradition that had become a way of life for Mongolian folks. The shamans connect with ancestors, nature and local deities. In Mongolian shamanistic culture, they worship Tenger which literally translates to The Sky but it refers to the God/Heavenly Father/Heaven.

The medicine, the religion, the high regard for nature and the worshipping of the ancestry is all included in the across the board system of belief that Mongolian Shamanism is. It is a practice that entails a shaman or shamaness entering altered states of consciousness that one may perceive and interconnect with the spiritual plane. Shamans serve a lot of different types of purposes depending on their respective lineage including healing, orchestrating a sacrifice, clairvoyance, malediction and guidance of souls. Now, the result of their fortune telling or malign spells is arguable but their dress and equipment as well as they themselves during the practice sure look cool.

There are 5 different era of Mongolian Shamanism. The first one is “The creation of Mongolian Shamanism” and the era continues from matriarchal period of time to the 7th century or Borte Chino times. Second era is “The development of Mongolian Shamanism” and it is from 7th century to 1271 when the Yuan dynasty was established. Third one is “The dusk of Mongolian Shamanism” and it stretches from 1271 to 1368 when the Yuan dynasty fell apart and the capital city moved back to Mongolian steppes. The fourth era is “The dawn of Mongolian Shamanism” and it is from 1368 to the 70’s of 16th century when Buddhism dominated the time period. And last but not least, the fifth era is “The destruction of Mongolian Shamanism” and it starts in the 70’s of 16th century and continued until the early 20th century.

Mongolian shaman

In the early stages of Mongolian Shamanism the ties between shamanism and all the other aspects of social life was complex. During The dawn of Mongolian Shamanism, it was interjected by Buddhism and eventually has become steadily oppressed. But it made a comeback after the soviet fall of 1990’s and has been growing ever since.

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