Follow The Tracks Photography Tour


Germany’s top travel adventure photographer, Max Muench is excited to announce his new online photography masterclass and self-drive experience, Follow the Tracks, which allows aspiring photographers to explore Mongolia's vast steppes, undiscovered deserts and rugged mountains. 

In partnership with Escape to Mongolia, a once-in-a-lifetime experience has been created where smartphones become a travel companion, guide and mentor, navigating budding photographers through deserted landscapes, providing a wealth of background information and photography techniques.  Adventure seekers can discover the untouched land of Mongolia by jeep as they travel in Max’s footsteps, mastering their photography skills while taking in the most beautiful regions of the country.  

Max’s first photography masterclass with a never before seen self-drive experience across Mongolia opens the door for adventure seekers who want to discover truly untouched natural and cultural highlights, as well as off the beaten paths which are far away from tourist hotspots. 

Twelve days through the desert – Max Muench’s self-drive experience  

Undiscovered paths far from civilisation, encounters with desert dwellers, and endless views of the wild landscape of Mongolia are just a few of the things travellers will experience with Follow the Tracks. This twelve-day jeep tour begins in the modern capital Ulaanbaatar, and continues across the vast expanse of the Gobi Desert, to the steppe landscape of Central Mongolia and the imposing peaks of the Altai Mountains. On the way adventurers will explore Mongolia’s vast incredible wilderness, the beautiful culture and the unlimited potential for photography. 

Follow the Tracks offers expert photography techniques and instruction by Max Muench, who has travelled throughout the country several times and is part of the photographer collective German Roamers. Travellers will also receive the digital guide which provides an additional six hours of marketing and image-editing material, as well as expert interviews and interactive tasks designed to introduce adventurers to Mongolia in a fun and engaging way. As the Masterclass app also works offline, Follow the Tracks can be used in remote areas, which is ideal when travelling through Mongolia. 

Additional information about the project can be found on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and on the following websites:, as well as under the hashtag #followthetracksmongolia.
This self-drive experience can be booked now at and is available from €2,050 (approx. £1,768) per person. 

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