Dayan Deerkh Cave in Khuvsgul province


Dayan Deerkhiin Agui or Dayan Deerkh Cave is one of the biggest caves in Mongolia. This limestone cave is located in Tsagaan-Uur soum of Khuvsgul province, 35km to the north east of Tsagaan-Uur town. Dayan Deerkh Cave has over 10 chambers with numerous entrances, doorways and springs. Local shamans, priests and monks have been worshipping this cave for centuries. There are numerous burial mounds surrounding the cave. The scenery around Dayan Deerkh Cave is an attraction in itself too. This area’s flora include Siberian pine, fir, aspen, larch, bird-cherry tree, elm, barberries, shrubby cinquefoil or tundra rose, red berries, cranberry and strawberry and other herbs and berries. As for the animals, you can spot moose, red deer, Siberian roe deer, wild boar, fox, Pallas’s sandgrouse, great bustard, common crane, Eurasian hoopoe and western capercaillie and other species of mammals and birds.

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