Central Mongolia Roadtrip

Explore the core of Mongolia


Escape complete and free your mind… We found the best solution for you to travel independently through Mongolia with the comfort and flexibility, avoiding the epic crowds of tourists. Get an airport transfer, experience the luxury of 5* hotel and take a scenic drive to the ancient capital city through the empty steppes and untouched breathtaking nature...


On this trip you will explore vast Mongolian steppe, historic landmark and the Gobi desert. From Takhi (Przewalski’s) horses in the hills of Khustai Mountains to ancient city ruin, old monasteries and unique landscapes in the Gobi desert, you will experience Mongolia briefly but sufficiently. All of the locations included in the itinerary below is in medium range from Ulaanbaatar city. Since you will not be on this trip for long, we suggest you to camp outside because it will not exhaust you but rather give you a chance to experience Mongolia the way you should, out in the wilderness under billions of stars.

Trip duration: 11-12 days.

Trip highlights: 

- Suzuki Jimny 4x4 rental car with seating for 4 people
- HEIMPLANET The Cave tent for up to 3 persons
- Cooking and dining equipment
- Airsofa
- 24hr booking confirmation
- SIXT Limousine Transfer to the Kempinski Hotel from Ulaanbaatar Airport or Ulaanbaatar Central Train Station
- Ideal for nature, photographer and outdoor lovers
- Takhi (Przewalski's) horses
- Symbolic ruins of ancient capital city
- Huge buddhist monastery
- Unique rock formation


Day 1. Sunday: Welcome To Ulaanbaatar

SIXT Limousine Service will pick you up upon your arrival at Ulaanbaatar Airport or Ulaanbaatar Central Train Station and drive you to the Kempinski Khan Palace Hotel. Start your city tour at the Sukhbaatar Square and visit the close by Choijin Lama Temple. The area is ideal for your lunch break with several good restaurants around the temple like Millies, Silk Road, Veranda, Choijin Temple Restaurant and more restaurants and coffee shops are in the close by Shangri La mall. Continue your afternoon with a visit to the Gandantegchinlen Monastery and Zaisan Memorial with a great view over the city. End the day by attending the Tumen Ekh Ensemble - one of the best national song and dance ensembles in Mongolia. 

*Contact us for city tour guide bookings and tickets to the Tumen Ekh Ensemble.

Day 2. Khustai National Park

(Altanbulag, Argalant, and Bayankhangai soum of Tov province)

Start your trip at Khustai Mountains. Khustain National Park provides more of a wild experience through out the year. The main reason many people visit this park is to observe the Takhi (Przewalski's) horses, the last remaining wild horse species in the world.  During the summer months the Takhi horse head to the ridges to escape the increasing heat. They come down into the valleys at the cooler times of day. It’s worth spending at least one night in the park, as you are most likely to see takhi and other wildlife at dusk or dawn. However, as with all wildlife, they can prove to be elusive.


Day 3. Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes - Karakorum

(Bulgan soum of Ovorkhangai province)

Elsen Tasarkhai is your next stop. Located 280 km west of Ulaanbaatar and 80 km east of Karakorum, this area is a small sequence of real desert in the midst of green steppes. Drive to Erdene Khamba Monastery ruins, which is only 18 km north from Elsen Tasarkhai. Also ride the horses and camels proposed by tourist camps of this area. Take a break for the picnic and then continue your road trip to Karakorum city. Time to head for a sleeping place. End up for the night in the tent nearby the city or experience the local hotel or a family guesthouse.

Day 4. Karakorum

(Kharkhorin soum of Ovorkhangai province)

Karakorum was the capital city of the Mongol Empire between 1235 and 1260, and of the Northern Yuan dynasty in the 14–15th centuries. There’s a museum built on the ruins that will unfold the intriguing history of the ancient city. Also, you can visit one of the earliest surviving Buddhist monastery in Mongolia, the Erdene Zuu Monastery which located right next to the ruins of Karakorum.

Day 5. Tuvkhun Monastery

(Khujirt soum of Ovorkhangai province)

Drive to Tuvkhun Monastery and explore its beautiful area, which is located in the dense forested and picturesque mountain Shijvee. There are several temples, a small cave for meditation and another cave called Mother belly. Go for hiking to rocky hills and enjoy the stunning beauty of the wild nature. Find a nice spot on the hills around the monastery for your HEIMPLANET tent and stay there overnight.


Day 6. Ugii Lake

(Ugiinuur soum of Arkhangai province)

Time to explore one of the biggest (freshwater) lakes of Mongolia. Drive to Ugii lake, a stopover point for more than 150 species of migrating water birds. Ugii lake is also renowned for its fishing, and is rich in Perch and Pike. Don’t forget to take your swimming costume as the water is very warm during summer. Also it is enthusiastic for swimming, sunbathing, horse and camel-back riding around the lake. Make sure to keep your camera and binoculars handy for spotting and documenting rare bird life. There are several ger tourist camps around the lake to stay overnight, as well as information and training center.

Day 7. Ongi Monastery

(Saikhan-Ovoo soum of Dundgovi province)

Formerly one of the largest monasteries in Mongolia, Ongi monastery was founded in 1660. The monastery consisted of two temple complexes and the older one has various administrative buildings as well as 11 temples. Meanwhile, the newer complex was built in the 18th century, consisted of 17 temples. The Ongi monastery also had 4 religious universities and could accommodate over 1000 monks at a time. Unfortunately, in 1930s the monastery was completely destroyed and over 200 monks were killed by the communists.


Day 8. Flaming Cliffs

(Bulgan soum of Omnogovi province)

Bayanzag red sand cliffs, better known as “Flaming Cliffs” due to their ochre and red colors, has many sedimentary sand cliffs where numerous dinosaurs’ fossils have been found. Ride through the prehistoric giant reptiles’ home on camelback.

Day 9. Tsagaan Suvarga

(Ulziit soum of Dundgovi province)

The rocky formations of Tsagaan Suvarga was an old seabed with sedimentary structure shaped by millions of years of natural forces and the different colors represent different times. You can explore Khevtee Bosoo agui (Lie and Stand Cave) or Del uul (Mane Mountain). Del uul is famous for its Bronze Age rock drawings and considered to be largest site of rock drawings in Central Asia.

Tsagaan Suvarga 

Day 10. Ikh Gazriin Chuluu

(Govi-Ugtaal and Gurvansaikhan soum of Dundgovi province)

Ikh Gazriin Chuluu is a mountain of granite rocks in the Gobi desert reaching 1706m at its peak. These rocky mountains has over 40 caves and the area is a home to over 20 species such as jerboa, eagles, bats, fox, wild sheep and siberian ibex. There are lots of myths about famous as well as infamous people who had nestled in the caves and those caves are usually named after the people once stayed in there.


Day 11. Back To Ulaanbaatar

Wake up early and drive back to Ulaanbaatar. Check-in at the Kempinski Hotel. Return the keys from SIXT rental car to the hotel reception. Enjoy your last night in Mongolia at 5* hotel.

Day 12. Departure Time

Enjoy your breakfast at the Kempinski Hotel. Afterwards, SIXT Limousine Service will bring you to the airport or train station.

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