Burdene Bulag Oasis Dornogobi


Burdene Bulag is a beautiful oasis located in Erdene soum, Dornogovi province. You can find it 27km to the southwest of Erdene soum. This is where the Fifth Noyon Khutagt, the Lama of the Gobi, Danzanravjaa trained his disciples over 200 years ago. During the training they used to bless the springs, 108 springs to be exact, around the oasis. The monks used to meditate for 3-7 days in the oasis to perfect their ability to perform Luijin, which is some sort of spell to rinse all the negativity from oneself. Locals believe the blessings from the Saint Danzanravjaa and his disciples affected the sands of Burdene Bulag and made the sand to have healing properties and it has been proven over time. Because of that, a health resort dedicated to treat kidney diseases were built in 2000 near the oasis. Also, to the north of Burdene Bulag, there is a sacred mountain called Dogmiddorj which contains some fossils of ancient species. And on the mountainside you can explore a ruin of mysterious monastery. This is a perfect spot to camp outside and unwind as it has that oddly relaxing vibe of a remote location. And since Khamar Monastery or Energy Center is nearby, if you plan to visit either one of them it is easy to make it a combo trip for both locations.

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