Baldan Bereeven Monastery in Khentii


Baldan Bereeven Monastery is located in Umnudelger soum of Khentii province, on the mountainside of Munkh-Ulziit Mountain. It was established in 1777 as a small temple by a monk named Tseveendorj. Later it became one of the biggest monasteries in Mongolia with 5000-6000 monks. Unfortunately, around 1900, the monastery hit by a plague and the half of the monks died. And during the 1930’s, the remaining monks got arrested due to the communist purge. The building and the deity sculptures were destroyed almost completely. Once considered as a religious and cultural center of the eastern part of Mongolia, Baldan Bereeven Monastery today is only a shadow of its former self. However, after the soviet influence fell, a group of monk settled in the monastery and with a help of the locals, they restored what was left of Baldan Bereeven Monastery. There is couple of spots around the monastery that you should visit such as Ekhiin Umai rock, Khaan Suudal rock and Eej Mod tree.

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