Dundgobi Province


Travelling to Dundgobi

Semi Desert And Mountain Steppe

The region is crossroad of cultures converging then venturing off into inspirational, round mountain landscape. Province territory divides into two main regions, semi desert and steppe and three sub areas in terms of climate: mountain steppe area with dry and cool climate, very dry and moderate warm area and desert steppe area.

This province is full of hidden treasures that are off the beaten tracks and prides itself on hospitality, folklore culture, locally branded fermented mare’s milk and a friendliness you don't generally find in big cities. There are many must-see attractions for visitors to the province which include; the Ruins of Ongi monastery, Tsagaan suvarga, Morin tolgoi which are formed due to the erosion of sedimentary rock, Ikh and Baga Gazriin Chuluu, a granite rock formations famous for its stratigraphy and Sum Khukh Burd are listed in the provincial protected area list.

Many small lakes and springs and the Ongi River are the home of abundant bird life. Nature lovers will delight in the variety of wildlife in Dundgobi province. Rare animals such as wild sheep, ibex, antelope, black tailed antelope, marmot, fox, lynx, wild cat, badger and hare are plentiful. In the remote desert northwest of the pleasant looking provincial town Mandalgobi is Baga Gazriin Chuluu, a lovely granite rock-strewn range full of canyons, caves, a couple of old monasteries and solitary lake.

The Ongi monastery, once a large Buddhist monastery destroyed in 1930s spread across a small and lovely river valley after which it is named. This is the main stop for travelers cutting cross-country from the South Gobi to Kharkhorin. Driving through the camel pictured Ongi steppe, 80km flat steppe stretched from Ongi monastery in Saikhan Ovoo soum, Dundgobi province to Mandal-Ovoo soum of Umnugobi province is every adventurous driver’s dream to be fulfilled. To enhance your experience on the steppes of Mongolia, explore Dundgobi province.

Best places to visit in Dundgobi Province

  • Baga gazriin chuluu
  • Ikh gazriin chuluu
  • Sum Khukh Burd
  • Ruins of Ongi monastery, Ongi steppe
  • Sangiin dalai lake
  • Gimpil Darjaalan monastery in Erdenedalai
  • Tsogt taij chuluu