Baga Gazariin Chuluu in Dundgovi


Baga Gazariin Chuluu is located in Delgertsogt soum, Dundgovi province. Surrounded by vast steppe, this granite filled area covers about 300 square km. The granite formation has a lot of springs and creek through its mountainous area and valleys. Also, quite a few historical findings including burial sites, stone stele and cave paintings were discovered here. You can explore interesting spots here, such as Sudut Pass, Jargalant Cave, Eye Spring, Takhilga Canyon, Ger Rock and Xiongnu era burial site. Sudut Pass has a small but beautiful aspen forest. And there is a ruin of a temple called Lovonchambyn Monastery inside the canyon. One km away from the Sudut Pass, you can explore Jargalant Cave. The cave is 18m long and you can walk inside the half of the length but have to crawl during the other half. Now, one km to the west of the Sudut Pass, Nudnii Spring or Eye Spring can be found. The spring flows under a hole that is 50cm deep and 7cm wide. Use dipper to scoop some mineral water and wash your eyes to heal sores. Takhilga Canyon is the summit of Baga Gazariin Chuluu with its 1768m height. The canyon is a habitat to Argali sheeps and Siberian ibex. A total of 64 graves from Xiongnu era were discovered inside the canyon back in 1989. Ger Chuluu or Ger Rock contains a number of rock paintings on its wall. The most interesting painting depicts a man holding onto a hemp rope that is tethered to two Siberian ibex. This rock painting actually dates back to the late Bronze Age.

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