Taikhar Rock in Arkhangai Province


Taikhar Rock is a granite cliff situated in Ikhtamir soum, Arkhangai province on the banks of Tamir River. This oddly placed rock is 18m tall and contains numerous scriptures on its wall. The rock stands out as it is a towering lone object in a vast steppe.

There are several legends about the rock. The most popular one is about a warrior named Bukhbilegt. In this legend, he saved the folks from a giant snake by throwing this rock on top of the pit that the snake was hiding.

And the other legend goes “Before the invention of the mirror there once was a girl named Tamir lived near a crystal clear river and used the water as a mirror. The water was so pure and clear, people called it Bolor (Crystal). And one day, a rich man proposed to Tamir but she refused because she was already in love with a guy named Taikhar. Boiled with anger, the rich man tainted the river and it was no longer crystal clear. Tamir was shocked to see turbid water when she arrived at Bolor River and decided to dive into it to find out what was the cause but she never came out. And her lover, Taikhar, waited for her at their meeting place so long that he turned into a rock and the locals changed the river name into Tamir in her loving memory.”

Nowadays, Taikhar Rock attracts locals and tourists that are intrigued by its mysterious presence every year. And some locals even believe if you manage to throw a stone over the rock you will get rich.

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