Sutai Khairkhan Mountain in Gobi Altai


Sutai Khairkhan is a state worshipped mountain located in Tonkhil soum of Gobi-Altai province. However the mountain extends into Darvi soum and Tsetseg soum of Khovd province to the north. The highest point of the mountain is Tsast Bogd peak with its height reaching 4234m above sea level and the extension of Sutai Khairkhan is over 60km long.

Sutai Khairkhan is a part of the Mongolian Altai Mountain Range and one of the 13 eternally snow covered mountains of the range. A lot of rivers take source from the mountain and the most beautiful valley is fed by Murun River which branches from Tsagaan River. The Murun River Valley provides a bountiful harvest with its fertile soil and the area is ideal for herding yaks.

And because of the people that used to herd yaks and used their milk extensively in the everyday life Sutai Khairkhan has previously been called Suutei Mountain (Milky Mountain). Sutai Khairkhan attracts a lot of wildlife including wolves, foxes, ibex, wild-sheep and snow leopard due to a nice inhabitable environment.

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