Bayanzag Red Sand Cliffs in Umnugobi

One of the biggest source of dinosaur fossils in the world


Bayanzag Red Sand Cliffs or Flaming Cliffs is a famous site situated near Arts Bogd mountain range in Omnogovi province. Well known in the paleontology world, this area is where the first dinosaur eggs were discovered. Bayanzag Red Sand Cliffs is full of dinosaur fossils and other findings include Velociraptor, Oviraptor, Protoceratops and Pinacosaurus fossil.

Even if you’re not a dinosaur enthusiast, the bizarre beauty of the surrounding landscape warrants a visit. Better suited for camping, this area is for outdoor lovers besides paleontologists. Also, to the north of the cliffs there is a saxual forest where scientists are still discovering some findings of Upper Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) people.

Regarding the name, Flaming Cliffs, the cliffs look like it’s burning when the sun falls thanks to the glowing reddish tint in the soil.

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