Driving in Mongolia

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Getting around – Driving license

It is pretty easy to get a driving license in Mongolia. All foreigners will need to get an International Driving License or Mongolian driving license in order to drive and enjoy Mongolian landscape. The mandatory written test is required before you obtain Mongolian driving license. The written test is easy to begin with and is provided only in Mongolian so you may need a translator.

If your valid driving license is registered other foreign countries that are member to Vienna Conventions on Road Traffic, then you can drive in the territory of Mongolia up to one year since the entry to Mongolia. When you apply to drive in Mongolia, you must submit your driving license permit application to a License Center of General Police Department of Mongolia in person. Below documents are needed:

  • Foreign passport, temporary residence card and its notarized copy
  • Foreign driving license accompanied by an official translation into Mongolian & notarized copy
  • Driver’s white page
  • Health examination paper
  • 3x4sized one photo
  • Payment receipt (subject to change)

Countries of Vienna Convention on Road Traffic:

  1. Republic of Albania
  2. Republic of Armenia
  3. Republic of Austria
  4. Republic of Azerbaijan
  5. Commonwealth of the Bahamas
  6. Kingdom of Bahrain
  7. Republic of Belarus
  8. Kingdom of Belgium
  9. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  10. Federative Republic of Brazil
  11. Republic of Bulgaria
  12. Central African Republic
  13. Republic of Cote d’Ivoire
  14. Republic of Croatia
  15. Republic of Cuba
  16. Czech Republic
  17. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  18. Kingdom of Denmark
  19. Republic of Estonia
  20. Republic of Finland
  21. French Republic
  22. Georgia
  23. Federal Republic of Germany
  24. Greece
  25. Republic of Ghana
  26. Hungary
  27. Islamic Republic of Iran
  28. State of Israel
  29. Italian Republic
  30. Republic of Kazakhstan
  31. Republic of Kenya
  32. State of Kuwait
  33. Kyrgyz Republic
  34. Republic of Latvia
  35. Republic of Liberia
  36. Republic of Lithuania
  37. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  38. Republic of Macedonia
  39. Principality of Monaco
  40. Montenegro
  41. Kingdom of Morocco
  42. Netherlands
  43. Republic of Nigeria
  44. Kingdom of Norway
  45. Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  46. Republic of Peru
  47. Republic of the Philippines
  48. Republic of Poland
  49. Portuguese Republic
  50. State of Qatar
  51. Republic of Moldova
  52. Romania
  53. Russian Federation
  54. Republic of San Marino
  55. Republic of Senegal
  56. Republic of Serbia
  57. Republic of Seychelles
  58. Slovak Republic
  59. Republic of Slovenia
  60. Republic of South Africa
  61. Kingdom of Sweden
  62. Switzerland
  63. Republic of Tajikistan
  64. Republic of Tunisia
  65. Republic of Turkey
  66. Turkmenistan
  67. Ukraine
  68. United Arab Emirates
  69. Oriental Republic of Uruguay
  70. Republic of Uzbekistan
  71. Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  72. Republic of Zimbabwe