Grand Tour Mongolia

The best way to explore Mongolia is to drive Mongolia


Tour Highlights

  • 3 Star Hotel
  • New UAZ Patriot 4x4 rental car
  • Camping gear
  • Airport Transfers
  • Cooking Gear
  • Booking confirmation within 24hrs
  • Perfect for Offroad, Nature and Camping fans!

Grand Tour Mongolia - A 4x4 selfdrive Mongolia tour to teepee and much more

You want to travel across the breathtaking landscape of Mongolia on your own with your friends? You don’t want to be tied to a fixed journey and have the flexibility to spend an extra day on a beautiful spot that you discover? Then these car rental packages are perfect for you to explore Mongolia!

You are completely free in your route design. The provided route suggestions will give you some good ideas on where to go.

You can book the package on a weekly basis for 1,2,3 and 4 weeks.

The route suggestions can be found below and we will send you a detailed route plan before your trip.

If you prefer to have an English speaking driver from SIXT or a guide on board, just let us know!

The new and spacious four-wheel drive rental vehicles from SIXT are perfect for the journey. The standard option includes the Russian Army Vehicle 4x4 UAZ Patriot and you have the option to upgrade to the timeless and rugged Toyota Landcruiser 76/79 or Ford Ranger pickup.

The car includes modern camping equipment. If you want to spend the night in a yurt camp or hotel, this is best to organize spontaneously on site and on request we can book you accommodations before the trip.

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What's Included

2 airport transfers with SIXT

2 nights including breakfast in a 3-5 star hotel in Ulaanbaatar

6/13/20/27 days rental car from SIXT: UAZ Patriot 4x4 (new vehicles) including statutory liability insurance

HEIMPLANET The Cave tent including:

  • sleeping mats
  • gas cooker
  • 4x300ml gas canister
  • Pot, pan, cooking utensils
  • Crockery and cutlery

The modern tent can be easily assembled or disassembled in less than 60 seconds! Due to the unique design even strong winds up to 180km / h are no problem!

Details about the rental car

You will receive the rental car the day after your arrival between 9:00 and 11:00 am at the SIXT station in the BlueSky Tower. The vehicle will be returned the day before your departure between 5:00 and 8:00 pm. A rental car upgrade to a pickup truck (eg: Toyota Landcruiser 76/79) is possible by pre-order. For the car hire of the Patriot a security deposit of MNT 4mio will be blocked on your credit card.

What is not included in the offer?

Please bring your own sleeping bag!

Flights, meals except twice breakfast at the hotel and other products such as drinks, food, fuel are not included in the offer.

Route suggestions:
1 week

Route A) Central Mongolia

Route B) Gobi Desert

Route C) The north of Mongolia with Khuvsgul lake

2 weeks

Route D) Central Mongolia and Gobi Desert

Route E) Central Mongolia and northern Mongolia

3 weeks

Route F) Gobi Desert, Central Mongolia and northern Mongolia

Route G) Gobi Desert, Altai Mountains and the north of Mongolia

4 weeks

Route H) Gobi Desert, Altai Mountains and the north of Mongolia

Horse riding in Mongolia

This is a dream that many want to realize. We recommend you to do short idyllic and guided horse riding and not to jump directly into multi-day tours. Mongolian horses and the Mongolian saddle are unlike a horseback ride back home. Horse riding is offered in many yurt camps and by nomads. Central Mongolia is especially suitable for horse riding around Kharakorum (for example at the Ugii lake).

Camel riding in Mongolia

Camel riding is a very special experience, especially along the dunes like the Khongor Sand Dune in the heart of the Gobi Desert or the "mini" Gobi Elsen Taserkhai in central Mongolia.

Offroad driving in Mongolia

Offroading and camping in Mongolia is definitely an amazing and fun experience. There are only very few countries where this combination is possible to the fullest off the beaten tracks and Mongolia is next to Namibia one of the last overlanding and camping heavens. The tracks through the steppe and deserts in Mongolia are an absolute highlight for every off-road fan! Also camping in the land of nomads is very special. You can freely camp in the nature. Just choose your campsite and watch the stars in the clear sky. Detailed camping tips can be found in our Camping Guide and driving tips in our Offroad Guide.

Fishing in Mongolia

Fishing in Mongolia is very unique and can be challenging. There are special species of fish here, such as the largest salmonid species in the world, which can get over 60 years old and up to two meters long. Carp and pike are particularly good at catching Ugii Lake in Central Mongolia. Yurt camps offer guided boat rides on the lake. Further details about fishing can be found in our Mongolia Fishing guide.

Best time to travel to Mongolia

The best time to travel to Mongolia is generally between mid-April and October. The Gobi Desert is the first region that can be explored in the spring from mid-April. In July and August the Gobi gets very hot and we recommend to travel between April and June or September to October. Especially beautiful in spring is to see the numerous newborn animals. Foals, baby camels, baby goats and little yaks run around everywhere!

In the summer months, Central Mongolia and especially Khuvsgul Lake in the north is a great destination. In the middle of July, the National Festival of Naadam takes place in each province and we strongly recommend to visit this spectacle in the countryside and to avoid Ulan Bator. There, the horse racing, wrestling and archery is still idyllic and less crowded.

In autumn, a trip across Mongolia into the Altai Mountains is amazing and the eagle hunters will be active again.

Packing list for your Grand Tour

Temperatures may fluctuate due to the continental climate. During the day the sun is strong and it warms up quickly. In the evening it usually cools down and you will feel the wind of the steppe. It is therefore recommended to pack clothes for warm and cold temperatures. In the Gobi it usually stays very warm at night during the summer months and a thin sleeping bag is enough. In the rest of the country, a warmer sleeping bag is recommended and especially in spring and autumn this is very important.

It does not rain much and the sky is mostly not covered in the "land of the blue sky". Therefore, sunscreen and sunglasses are also very important.

Please contact us for more information.

Mongolian Food

The Mongolian cuisine is primarily meat and dough-heavy (you can find more information about Mongolian food in our blog) and you will find in almost every small village a restaurant offering Buzz, Khushuur and a meat dish. There are also everywhere small supermarkets with the basics. Provincial capitals such as Dalanzadgad in the Gobi, Darkhan and Erdenkt in the north also have large supermarkets with many foreign products.

It makes the most sense to buy provisions for about 3 to 5 days from Ulaanbaator and to buy the rest on the way.

In Ulaanbaatar the new Emart (a Korean hypermarket chain) is a good "one stop shop". There you will find everything you need for a road trip. For Glamping and gourmet friends, Rosewood Restaurant with Rosewood Market and Butchery on Soul Street is a great place to go. Here you will find freshly baked burgers and sourdough bread (lasts longer) as well as a wide selection of barbecue products. Our tip is to take their vacuum packed and frozen home-made products, which are then also good to eat fresh after several days.

The camping set contains a gas stove. You should always have enough LPG 500ml gas bottles. These can be found in most supermarkets.

Navigation and Gas Stations in Mongolia

Navigation in Mongolia works best with a smartphone and the app. Download the app with the Mongolia map in advance on your mobile phone for free and buy a local SIM card from Unitel, Gmobile or Mobicom. With the app you can navigate without Cyrillic knowledge and without Internet connection. Make sure that you do not underestimate the distances and driving times. On the asphalt roads you drive mostly 40-80kmh and should not rush. Do not drive after dusk due to the many animals and difficult navigation.

Mongolia is the least populated country in the world and at the same time has an amazingly dense network of gas stations. Each small settlement has at least one gas station and along the main roads there are petrol stations at regular intervals. It is always advisable to fill up with 2/3 full tanks and visit more frequented gas stations with better fuel and to use additives at regular intervals (for gasoline cars the LIQUI MOLY Octane Plus for a higher Octane number and more power as well as the Injection Cleaner against corrosion, bacteria and water in the fuel. Diesel powered vehicles should use the LIQUI MOLY Super Diesel additive for more Cetan, power and against corrosion, bacteria and water). More information can be found in our Offroad Guide.

Roadside Assistance in Mongolia

If you get into an accident or damage the vehicle, please contact your vehicle rental company SIXT immediately. SIXT will help you immediately and if necessary send a mechanic or replacement car. MAS is a good local Roadside Assistance provider. More information can be found in our Offroad Guide.

More information and tips for this trip

United States and German citizens do not need a visa to stay for 30 days. Austrians and Swiss receive a visa from the Mongolian Embassy in Vienna and Geneva. Find more information here and contact us (

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A valid passport, valid driving license and credit card are required for this journey.

Cancellation Policies
This offer does not offer refund on cancellation. We recommend you to buy a trip cancellation insurance from your trusted insurance partner.

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