Tsenkher Hot Spring

Healing spring of Khangai Mountains


Tsenkher Hot Spring is the second hottest spring of Mongolia after Shargaljuut spring. Heat of the water reaches 86 celsius degree. It is an alkaline spring that contains hydrosulfuric acid and silica union and used for medical treatment. Tsenkher Hot Spring is good for treating rheumatism, neuralgia, muscular pain and arthalgia and help improving digestive system, restoring immunity after surgery and recharging yourself. Drinking the water for a small dose or bathing for a specific amount of time are the ways of treatment. 

Located 30km to the south of Tsetserleg town, Tsenkher soum of Arkhangai province, Tsenkher Hot Spring gushes in the northern hillside of Khangai Mountains. You can enjoy the beautiful view of forested hills while relaxing in outdoor pools or recharge yourself in indoor baths. The hot spring spa is available during all seasons. 

If the Tsenkher Hot Spring is too crowded for you, other options like Bort Tal, Gyalgar and Tsagaan Sum springs are available nearby.


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